A Glimmer of Progress

I walked into my blood draw this morning, told Leah (the phlebotomist) to cross her fingers for improvement, went to work, and carried on with my day. On the heels of a steadily rising CA-125, I wasn’t expecting miracles. I had mentally prepared myself for the possibility that the CA-125 could increase again, warrant a CT scan, and we would just have to go from there.

As I mentioned in my last post, I was feeling at peace knowing that we have multiple contingency plans in place should the number continue to climb. I can say that since then, I’ve had a truly great week. Although nothing was certain, I had a stronger feeling of security moving forward. I cannot quite articulate why this week was different but I just felt like I was in a better place. I was able to have a fun filled weekend with friends and Cory. I generally felt focused and on point at work. Despite the never ending fatigue I felt a renewed energy that was certainly more mental than physical. I grocery shopped and prepared healthy meals full of fruits and veggies for the week. I did laundry and really cleaned the apartment (dish mountain was conquered…finally). I was even able to get a couple small work outs in.

It’s not perfect, I was at peace with what is.

Going into the blood test I had high hopes but was not totally fixated on the outcome.

Well guess what?

MY CA-125 DECREASED BY 35!!!!!!! It’s a small improvement but it’s something. I would have been amped for a 5 point decrease at this rate. I haven’t seen a decrease in weeks. Maybe it’s a fluke but for today and the next three weeks, it feels like progress.

So with that I leave you with all the feels…


26 thoughts on “A Glimmer of Progress

  1. Ah Jess, and once again it really is about your thoughts and acceptance of what is and look how it serves you well. I good positive report and hopefully you’ll keep of the path. All the best!!

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