About Jess

On November 23, 2012 I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian Epithelial Cancer. As of April 26th, 2013 I was deemed “cancer free” until December 10, 2013 when I received news of recurrence. I continue to fight, write, and share the good the ba(l)d, and the ugly. My goal is to share my story, keep friends and family updated, and humanize a very complex life experience.


Email: boldbaldbattle@gmail.com| Twitter: @JessicaSultaire|


20 thoughts on “About Jess

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  2. Jess hope you are doing well in recovery … I sent a ton of positive energy your way and think of you daily. For those of you who don’t know Jess personally she is an amazing woman and can beat this with your positive thoughts so send them her way! Love you Jess and 2014 will be kind to you – the universe responds to positive energy so everyone send some to Jess! She is the best. Love and hugs – Karen J.

  3. Jess, it is sooo good to read an update from you. I think of you each day and sending positive energy your way as well. I do know Jess personally and, yes, she Is an AMAZING woman! I miss your smile! 🙂
    Feel better soon. Susan H from Bryant

  4. Dear Jess: You are too much. Yes, you should feel sad that everyone had happy Christmas going on while you were stuck in a hospital with that nasty little piece called cancer. I was thinking about you all throughout the holiday – hundreds of us were. Didn’t ruin anyone’s holiday – in fact, it made mine better to know that I know perhaps the most impressive, patient, loving, determined, disciplined and by the way GORGEOUS with her new short hair young woman I’ve EVER MET. When I think back on the years we worked together, and I had the honor of mentoring and teaching you, watching you develop into this impressive new professional – well, Jess my dear, you have enlarged my life in more ways than I could say. Humbled by your courage, knocked over by your humor, jealous of your gorgeous good looks! So, when you are ready for visitors, would LOVE, LOVE LOVE to visit. Just say the word in the blog, or just call: 401-855-1253. LOVE AND HUGS, Susanxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxox!!!

  5. Hello! My Dad was actually fortunate enough to stumble upon your blog — as he was doing research on the very clinical trial in which your enrolled. My Mom also has low grade ovarian cancer (Diagnosed with Stage 3C 5 years ago) and is considering this trial… Thank you for sharing your story and your experiences. I truly appreciate your openness and humor. Keep rockin’ it girl- you are kicking ass and making a difference. I know my Mom (who is pretty badass herself) is reading and relating:-)

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Thank you for taking the time to post! Your kindness is uplifting and well timed. I am sorry to hear that your mother and family has to endure the pesky OC. I hope my last post doesn’t scare her away from trying the trial. It is a tough experience, hence my griping, but from what I have read has promising results. I welcome you and your family to contact me ANY time! jess.sultaire@gmail.com

      I am sending warm, healing thoughts to your mom 🙂

  6. I just found your blog and I think it is great. I am also dealing with ovarian cancer recurrence. Mine is low grade as well and I am waiting to see if I get selected for the MEK drug. It is nice to see someone else who is young blog about there experience with ovarian cancer and this trial drug. I wish you the best and will be following your journey.

  7. Hi, Jennifer! Our chance meeting (or destiny) on the plane August 27, 2015 (to San Diego) happened at a time when I was feeling overwhelmed and in “emotional critical condition”. I know you didn’t see that but that was how I was feeling. You have no idea how meeting you changed my perspective of my “condition”. Your transparency about your illness catapulted me into another place . . . a place of peace and understanding which gave me the freedom to share my cancer experience with you. I don’t often meet people who have similar thoughts, bucket lists or outlooks, so you were a breath of fresh air for me. I pray for you now because I care about you. You are a blessing! I will continue to follow your journey and know that you are special to me.

    • Hi, Billie! I meant to respond to this sooner so I apologize for the delay but I absolutely lit up when I read this! When we spoke I did not realize the extent to which you were in “emotional critical condition” as you carry yourself so cool, calm, and collected. I was so impressed by how introspective you are and how comfortable you were sharing with me. It was a true pleasure and an experience that I will carry with me.

      I am keeping you and your family in my thoughts.



  8. Hi Jess, My name is Lisa and I worked with Debra (your boyfriend’s mom). She came to my desk and saw my Ovarian Cancer magnet and asked me about it. I told her I was an Ovarian Cancer survivor (Stage 1, Ovarian/Uterus cancer, diagnose at the age of 32 in 2012). That is when she shared with me your amazing story and journey. Please know that I have been thinking of you and praying for you. Your blog is great and helpful! Even though, my cancer is gone, I still have lots of follow-ups and am monitored closely, it was always be a life experience for me. Keep doing what you are doing and spreading the word about this silent cancer.

  9. Hi Jess, I noticed your blog and I greatly appreciate the stories you are willing to share with others. My name is Ryan and I’m currently a student at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI working on a project called CancerEd. My team and I are developing curriculum materials to teach children about cancer in an interactive but scientifically accurate way. We are looking to send out a survey to parents who have had cancer to better understand how they communicate with their children about cancer and we would love your help with this! If you could email me at rdt5@students.calvin.edu, I would love to give you more information about the survey and about our project. Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks!

    • Hi Ryan! Thank you for taking time to look through my blog. Your project sounds fantastic! I would love to help you but I do not think I fit the criteria as I do have cancer but am not a parent. Please let me know if you could use assistance in anything other way 🙂

  10. Jess: We are thinking of you always and know you will stay strong. Keep the faith with your positive attitude. You are the best and we love you! Les and Stacey Munson

  11. Jess, I think of you often and pray for you always! You are a true inspiration to everyone that knows you. You amaze me each time I hear about you from other co-workers. You have an incredible attitude and soooo many people that care about you….you will beat this. You have what it takes! I can’t even imagine how hard it has been for you but look ahead to better, brighter days. Your blog site was just shared with me and I’m so happy to be connecting with you. I pray that you will be home for Christmas and enjoy the holidays with family and friends. I look forward to seeing you back at work soon. Keep smiling!

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