Cancerbetes Strikes Again

I have been really neglecting the blog. I’ve been busy living my life and not really thinking about cancer. Last Friday I went to the doctor and had my usual blood test to check on my CA-125. Unfortunately the results weren’t favorable. My CA-125 is about 385. Just as a benchmark it was in the high 90’s prior to the surgery I had in December. Yesterday’s CT scan reflected the presence of fluid and possible nodules/small masses in or around my diaphragm and liver Needless to say, I’m annoyed.

When I last saw Dr. Dizon he helped me to reframe my illness as a chronic condition. I’ve become accustomed to thinking about it in a gray sense instead of black and white. Although I was expecting for the cancer to “come back”, I at least thought that after the intensive surgery I had in December that it would stabilize for a few months…or years. I thought wrong.

I see doctor Robison on Monday and hopefully I will have a little more information about how we plan to proceed next week. Although there is a lot to be nervous about, in reality my health is no worse or no better than I realistically expected (at least once I knew that my CA-125 was elevated).

In more exciting news we raised over 1200 dollars for the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition at the Alex and Ani fundraiser I hosted back in February. Thank you to everyone that participated, donated, volunteered and took the time to attend!

In even more exciting news Tony (from, my brother, and I are heading to Las Vegas in two weeks!!

I will be better about posting in the blog when I have updates. Until then, I’ll keep hoping for the most ideal outcome of a mildly sucky situation (<– It’s amazing how devastating news becomes “mildly sucky” news when managing cancer becomes your new normal).