First Chemo Eve

Thank you for all for the continued support as I begin the first of my chemo treatments tomorrow. The cards, flowers, gifts, food, emails, phone calls and texts have been key in keeping my spirits up. Good thing chemo is 5 hours long because I have a TON of thank you notes to write. If I finish before 2014 it will be nothing short of a miracle.

On the leg front- every day we are seeing small improvements. I have been seeing both a physical therapist and an occupational therapist twice a week which has helped tremendously. During a recent physical therapy session my therapist witnessed a full muscle contraction during one of my exercises. This is a good sign! My OT noticed improved strength in my knee- also promising. Still with the cane but hopefully in a few weeks we will see vast improvements.

So in the spirit of keeping my head in the game, mom, dad and I went to a salon last week that specialized in wigs (great recommendation Mary!). The owner, Randy, was kind and encouraging. While I originally envisioned this visit filled with tears and stress over my soon-to-be balding head, Randy and my parents made sure it was a fun experience. Many laughs were had when Randy tried to turn me into a blonde. I did not pull it off well and I have pictures to prove it. Luckily we did find a sassy long brunette wig with auburn highlights that I took a liking to. It’s longer than my normal hair and has way more volume….but what the hell? If I have to wear fake hair I might as well pick something more fun than my own. Randy was also kind enough to share that insurance covers one wig per CALENDAR year. Good timing on my part! I’m going back next week to scoop up a second one in 2013. Overall the experience was great and Randy even cut my hair free of charge. I cry often over the issue of hair loss but for a few hours this helped. I’ll take it.

So tomorrow is the big day. Leading up to chemo the emotional experience has been much like waiting in line for a roller coaster. At first you’re like holy crap I have to do this. Why the hell would I put myself through this?! Then your fears subside a little and you amp yourself up in an attempt to hide that “scared shitless” feeling. So you wait and wait and find ways to distract yourself until the rickety cart pulls up and you have no choice but to get on while your stomach tries to jump out of your mouth….yeahh I’m about there right now considering that its after midnight and I’m writing an update T-minus 11 hours before chemo (the steroids I just had to take aren’t helping the cause haha). I’m anxious and scared and just want to get the first round done with so I know what I’m up against. I’m hoping its bark is worse than its bite.

On that note I’m going to attempt to sleep…or at the very least some tossing and turning in the dark.

Goodnight supporters! Sending love and gratitude to you all.


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