An email update from Adam- post-surgery

Hi Everyone,

Jessy’s brother Adam here.

Jessy asked me before her surgery to send you all an update as she’s currently on some serious happy drugs (maybe she has been hanging around a bad crowd?), while she recovers.

Jessy entered surgery at roughly 4:30 and the surgery was complete around 10pm.  The surgeon said he was very pleased with the way it transpired and she is doing fine right now.  It went a little longer than originally expected but Jessica is doing well and she is expected to be out of the hospital in about 5 days. It’s obviously too soon to tell exactly when she will be back home, but they are already talking about getting her walking again tomorrow!

This is Jessy’s email chain so I don’t want to get into the specifics of what was done and what the next steps are as A) Jessy will have more specific information than me (apparently surgeons like to tell the patient more information than their BROTHERS, who knew?) and B) It’s way more fun for her to update you all anyways.  We will all look forward to her next post when she’s back in action.

What I will tell you is that today is one of many victories for Jessica and we are very relieved the surgery went better than the surgeon originally expected.  My sister is a very strong lil lady and proved it once again today.  Of course, all of your loving support and encouragement has made all of the difference to Jessy and our family.  We can not do this without you.

Rest assured tonight that Jessy is well and in very capable hands.  We will do our best to keep you posted as we get more information and she recovers over the next few days.