This one will be short and sweet (at least in comparison to the others). After seven long days in recovery at Yale New Haven hospital I was finally appropriately released today after having met all of my milestones. My doctor was appalled that they tried to force me home before I was ready on Sunday. (I would be happy to reveal the name of the doctor that tried to send me home if anyone would like to stand outside of Yale and casually throw eggs at him).

 I am still in pain from time to time but have my good friends Motrin and Percocet to help control that for the time being. One of the bigger hurdles is just the constant state of discomfort. After all of the trauma my entire body has experienced over the last week it is hard to sit or lay down and just be comfortable. I am hoping that this subsides sooner rather than later. Despite my discomfort I’m working really hard to regain my strength. I am able to walk around without a walker or help and get in and out of bed by myself. It’s not easy but I’m getting there. I will have a visiting physical therapist that will help in this process.

My doctor also told me that the surgery was very successful but we will still need to do chemo to be sure that all of our bases are covered for the cancer cells that remain. We can start as soon as one week but to be honest I’m not physically or emotionally ready. I have decided that I am going to give myself a little more time to bounce back from the surgery and process the reality of chemo. That being said I plan on starting my first cycle between Christmas and New Years. The plan as of now is to do 6 cycles of chemo. I will go once every 3 weeks for about 5 hours each session. If I start when I plan to start I could possibly be finished by May and hopefully have hair starting to grow back for the summer. This is timed out well because I know two beautiful couples that expect me to be shaking my tail feather at their weddings in August. I intend to do that just that 🙂 (Katie/Bobby/Molly/Josh- when it’s time for the bouquet toss I make NO promises that I won’t throw my wig into the crowd of bachelorettes just to mix things up).
That’s all I have for now. Thank you again for all of the love, positivity and prayer. Keep it coming.