Why hello there 2015

Happy New Year!

This time of year has been challenging for me in the past two years as it has been met with troubling news followed by invasive surgery. Not this year! Aside from the general unpleasantness that comes along with the treatments I receive, my December and holiday season has been pretty normal.

Last night I rang in the New Year in some dive in Johnston (for anyone familiar with RI, I know right!?). I threw on my sequined skirt and glittered, tiny, top hat and had the best time. It was arguably one of the best New Years Eve’s that I have had in a long time. No cover charge, no crowds, no hype. Just a dive bar, a couple of friends, my handsome gentleman, decent music, and dancing. (I also apologize to anyone that tried to contact me last night, I left my phone home accidentally before I hopped in the cab.)

I can’t put my finger on exactly why it was so perfect. I think mostly chance. Going to this place was a super last minute decision (as in decided 30 minutes before we went out) so we really didn’t have time to set expectations. No, wait, I lied. I’m a liar. We actually were very skeptical of this being fun and went with it on a hope and a prayer that it wasn’t a suckfest. Luckily we were in good company and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was simple and simple is all that I needed.

An enjoyable New Years Eve is perhaps a good omen for 2015.

Since I was without a phone and subsequently a camera, here are the only pics I snagged:


Whether you curled up in your sweat pants, froze to death in Times Square, or raged in a VIP lounge over $1000 bottles of champagne, I hope you had a memorable night with loved ones (or if you don’t remember, have friends that are kind enough to TELL you about the night before instead of post evidence on Instagram).

To come:

  • I’ll be turning 27 years of age in a few short days. There will be festivities and there will be pictures. Stay tuned.
  • Cory and I will be hopping a plane in exactly one week to Florida to get away from this goddamn bitter cold. Dave, Chris, Mason & Alex- get ready!
  • I have a CT scan scheduled for next week. Per usual, fingers crossed for continued positive outcomes.
  • Big check up on January 13th in Boston, again, fingers crossed that all is going well.

Lastly, in the spirit of a new year I gave the blog a little makeover. Nothing crazy, some different colors and links at the bottom. Aesthetically pleasing? Yes? Do we like this?

Now go nurse your lingering hangovers. I told you not to drink Andre.