Black Ties & Tutus

Over the past week I was on a high of being on chemocation, fundraising, and generally feeling good.

I had a doctor’s appointment on Friday in Boston. They put me back on my medication at a reduced dosage. Now I take 15 mg less of the MEK inhibitor, Pimasertib (or “Pim” as they call it). I’ve still experienced some of the side effects such as sensitive stomach and nausea/vomiting but overall I feel better than I did at the higher dosage. It has only been a few days so it is difficult to say with certainty.I have more energy and a better appetite so I’m pleased with that.

This weekend was especially eventful. On Saturday night I got all dolled up and attended the Izzy Gala in the Providence Biltmore hotel ballroom with my handsome date. Cory, ever the gentleman, arrived with beautiful flowers.
We stopped by Waterfire first as it was being sponsored by Bryant that night. I was able to snap a picture of the Biltmore from Waterfire and you could spot the soft glow of the purple lights from the gala.IMG_20140927_190915

When we arrived at the Biltmore it was a sea of gorgeous purple gowns and decor. Purple was Izzy’s favorite color and the official color of the Izzy Foundation. My oncologist, Dr. Robison and her team did an amazing job!


When we first arrived we ran into Erin, the resident at W&I that went above and beyond to provide me the best care when I was hospitalized in February of 2013. (Since I know she will eventually read this entry I will shamelessly put it in writing that she was born to be a gyn. oncologist and she damn well better do it.) It was great to catch up with her and her husband but in the midst of our conversation I started to see stars and my hearing became echo-ey. Since I’m a pro at fainting in public I knew I wasn’t okay and alerted Erin. She led me into a corner and we sat on the floor together with Cory and her husband until I started to feel better. Yet again, Erin keeps me company while I’m feeling crummy.


Luckily I did not pass out although it was a close call. The Biltmore staff was incredibly attentive and helpful. They almost called an ambulance but Erin and I assured them I was okay. I mean, let’s face it, I was in a room with 30+ medical professionals. What better place to pass out? (Actually, it’s the 2nd best place to pass out. Passing out in the Cheesecake Factory won us free dinner last year.)


The rest of the evening went smoothly. We ate, danced, and Cory won me a beautiful necklace in the silent auction.

After months and months of not looking and feeling like myself in combination with some self-doubt, having the opportunity to dress up with a great dude by my side felt pretty damn amazing. Supporting The Izzy Foundation was my #1 priority but selfishly, the opportunity to get fancy meant a lot to me.

The very next morning I traded in my elegant gown for a ridiculous tutu. I came together with my parents and friends to celebrate life with my fellow ovarian cancer crushers at the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition Walk to Break the Silence. The RI NOCC raised over $126,000 overall and I was able to raise over $3200! Thank you to everyone that donated, walked, and/or sent their love.

We had a blast!

Check out this awesome team in the pictures below! (My Mom, Dad, Cory, Sheila, Katie, Bobby, Sarah, Johanna, Matt, Aileen, Killer Kinney, the Ransom family, Ashley, Erin, Andy, and the furbabies: KyKy, Gracie and Brick)


20140928_160503 20140928_112618 20140928_110520 20140928_105212 20140928_105152 20140928_103549 20140928_10222520140928_092726


Who would have thought that this is what cancer could look like?


4 thoughts on “Black Ties & Tutus

  1. Cannot get enough of that fabulous dress, but the tutu made me laugh. That’s the J. Sults I know and love 🙂 wish we could have made the walk – hopefully next year!

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