There is a lot to celebrate and look forward to this week.

1.)I got to finally hang out with the wonderful Alita P-G. We have been friends since kindergarten and she continues to amaze me with her attitude and perspective. Despite being “dealt a bum hand” herself this past year, she continues to see the best in everyone and fearlessly brings meaning to the spirit of adventure.

2.) My handsome gentleman and I are getting dressed up for a “purple tie” event at the top of the Biltmore to benefit . Proceeds of this benefit help children and families facing serious illness. Most recently The Izzy Foundation built a beautiful family room at Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Providence to make long hospital stays just a little brighter for children and their parents/siblings.

Stay tuned for pictures of Cory and I looking dapper.

3.) With your help I have raised $2520 for the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition. Just think, the clinical trial I am in exists because SOMEONE like you cared even a little bit about this disease. Every dollar counts. The NOCC is an organization that provides education and resources for women facing OC and that matters more than you know.

If you would like to still donate, I accept your generous contributions with open arms. You can donate online:


4.) I received my test results yesterday from last week’s blood work and CT scan.

-My CA-125 jumped from 956.5 to 1153. It appears that there is some fluid building around my lungs but it is not of great concern right now, just something they will continue to monitor. This is likely why the increase is a larger jump.

-More importantly, my CT scan showed that since the beginning of June (start of the clinical chemo trial) my tumors have shrunk by 18%!!!! As a point of reference my last CT scan showed that the tumors have shrunk by 5%. CRUSH-ING IT.

For every day that I have been sick, run down, discouraged, miserable, upset, or scared…this is a reminder that it is worth it. I have a long way to go. This is not a short-term treatment but it is in the small victories that make tomorrow a little brighter.


4 thoughts on “CRUSHING it

  1. Jesse! I feel like I know you and it was an honor to finally meet you today at the NOCC walk/run! I introduced myself to your parents and boyfriend also! You are an amazing woman!
    Miranda’s mom, Eileen Chaput

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