Thanks a bunch!

I would like to thank everyone that offered to accompany me to my doctor’s appointment on Wednesday. There were a lot of you! One offer was even out of state (but anyone that knows Lisa Bednarz knows she’s a thoughtfulness overachiever). The love and selflessness still astounds me. I am all set for Wednesday and know that physically and spiritually I will not be alone. GO TEAM.

I had a CT scan today at Women and Infants. I overnighted the disc to Mass General so their radiology department can take a look before Wednesday. If all goes according to plan I’ll have a clearer idea about what is going on inside my body. I’m hoping for some visible tumor shrinkage.

Will update next week. Have a beautiful weekend everyone!


6 thoughts on “Thanks a bunch!

  1. Hi Jess! I know we haven’t talked much since that summer wayyy back when (maybe 2007?) that we all spent at good old roger doger partying it up but I wanted to say if you ever need anything when you are in Boston let me know! I’ve never dealt with anything close to what you, so bravely, are dealing with but I’ve had medical issues of my own and know what it means to have people by your side. I live in Boston and work in the seaport and MGH isn’t too far (all my doctors are there haha so I go quite often for appointments inbetween working) and it wouldn’t be a problem to even come by for an hour or so to keep you company!

    • I would do anything to relive the summer of ’07 in Bayside!
      Thank you so much for reaching out 🙂 It’s great to know that I have another friendly face in Boston!

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