Two-Hundred and Sixty Four

It is hard to believe that I am 44 days into this trial. That is 264 chemo pills to be exact. In dealing with the side effects over the past few weeks I have said on multiple occasions that I just need a shred of evidence that this treatment is working so that I can “buy in”. 

Well, I am pleased to share that a small bit of information has surfaced. Yesterday I went to MGH in Boston for a check up and my doctor agreed that it would be suitable now to test my CA-125. FINALLY.  I received a call from MGH this morning:

CA125 on June 4th (Day 1 of the trial): 1228

CA125 on July 16th (Day 43 of the trial): 1096

My CA125 has come down 132 points in 43 days with an oral chemotherapy. Not too shabby.

The goal ultimately is to bring this number below 21 or as close to it as possible. We know this is possible because I did it once before. I recognize that I still have a long way to go but this is a better start than I had expected. I am scheduled to have a CT scan in Providence on Saturday morning. The CT scan will tell us more and hopefully I can share more good news next week.

I have been going to the majority of my doctor’s appointments alone by choice; however, I have one coming up on Wednesday (July 23rd) where I will need a side kick. It will be in Boston, very early in the morning, and last the better part of the day. If anyone is masochistic enough to volunteer for such a day please inquire within. I can repay you in the form of lunch and if you’re really lucky I’ll take you to the hospital gift shop. That place is like the effing Mall of America. 

To conclude, cheers to the first bit of good news. 


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