“Sorry for eating all of your cancer snacks” -Meesh

I had the best weekend. I adore my chemo off-week. It makes me feel like a “normal” human being again (for a few days at least). As the weeks go on as much as the effects of chemo are cumulative and become more intense with each cycle, I am still somehow energized during my off weeks. It’s better to just roll with it and not question where this magical energy is coming from. I took it as a golden opportunity to have some fun. One of my best friends that I grew up with visited from NYC (Michelle to my right). Since one of my other best friends (Stacey to my left) now lives in Little Rhodey, we were able to have a Torrington reunion.

bests funny

And of course spend time with my Providence home girls…(clearly I need a new pose)

photo-27 mejacque

On Friday night we went out and met up with the rest of my “providence family” and a few other wonderful friends and headed downtown to the bar. There was a live band and my leg has improved enough that I was finally able to dance without fear of tipping over. Per usual I was the most hydrated girl at the bar. Despite not being able to drink, I was still able to have a great time. It wasn’t too crowded, no one got too drunk, everyone was having a great time. I loved it.

Small nice moment in the RiRa bathroom: I was talking to Michelle and Stack about my wig and a girl waiting in line at the bathroom said “I was just about to comment on what nice hair you have! I would have never known that was a wig”. I guess my wig stylist was right- NAILED IT.

Yesterday I continued the T-town reunion and overall we had some good food and I pretty much laughed all day. This visit was good for the soul. OH and I had an unexpected huge appetite. I basically cleaned my plate at every meal (So Jeannette- if you’re reading this, I hope you’re proud since second to my mother you are most concerned about plumping me up).

Anyway- just thought I’d highlight a few good days in the midst of this cancer chaos.

Gearing up for round FIVE (home stretch!) of chemo this coming week. Cross your fingers for some favorable blood test results. I will accept any and all prayers to any deity! If you need to pray to a golden calf in order to get my CA125 levels below 21, do it (but don’t tell my Rabbi).

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Thank you for the continued support!


5 thoughts on ““Sorry for eating all of your cancer snacks” -Meesh

  1. This entry really made me laugh Jess. You are doing a great job at living your life fully and joyfully!
    Keep up the good work.
    Love you so much… Mom

  2. Peanut, you’re just as gorgeous as you’ve always been! Maybe even more…that’s some serious bravery shining out through your face. Proud of you and your kick-ass, grateful attitude. You’re a rockstar!

  3. All though I am a late comer in your blog, I wish you all the luck G-d can muster up in your cure from cancer. May your CA125 levels be below 21. My prays are with you and your mother and father.

  4. Jess, love love LOVE you 3 t-town girls!! It puts such a big smile and big tears in my eyes that you each have such a special connection for so many years. (have pictures to prove it) God sometimes I wish you girls were still in middle school!! How the years have flown by, and I am sure your mom would say the same!! Anyhoo, you look beautiful with that long flowing hair and I wouldn’t change that pose for anything…you sexy thing ; ) hugs, kisses, and of course praying too for under 21 !!!!

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