Things are shaping up for old Liz Lemon

To continue my streak of positive energy, I have some great news to share! When I arrived at chemo this morning, my kickass chemo nurse Sheila couldn’t contain herself. Before I walked into the room she told me that she had just checked my tumor marker and my CA125 levels had come down from 60 to 34!!!! That’s major. Especially considering that I need to get  below 21 and have two full cycles left. I’m making giant steps in the right direction. This is a huge relief considering last time it only went down from 64 to 60. Even though it went down I was disappointed and worried that this great new treatment wasn’t working. All of the nasty side effects are worth this type of news. In other news, I gained 5 lbs wooo! I also start with my trainer next week.

all good things 🙂