January Unfolds

A few people have mentioned that they were concerned that I haven’t been writing. Not to worry! I am alive and well. The past couple weeks of recovery have been great and I more or less feel back to normal. The only issue I have is still sleep related. I need to figure my sleep issue out quick because I go back to work in ten days and I must be bright eyed and bushy tailed for 8:30 am (thank goodness for free tea & coffee in the Gulski dining room). ZzzQuil has been my most trusted sleep aid but it also makes me sleep for 10-11 hours at a stretch so that is no good. I am sure that when I am working full days again I will tucker myself out enough to be on a more regulated sleep schedule.

So what have I been up to over the past few weeks? I have been taking advantage of programming at the hospital. For example last week I did a meditation/art group. It was SO relaxing. There was about 20-25 minutes of guided meditation and deep breathing. After that the instructor put out paper and paint and said: GO! We were free to create whatever came to us. Mine ended up being some sort of fierce fire goddess? I don’t know where she has been hiding but I definitely unleashed her on canvas.



I loved how therapeutic the expressive arts session was and have done a little bit of painting at home as well. I’m no artist but I think I would have made my Grandma Esther and Uncle Eddie proud. I come from a long line of musicians and arts and I am mediocre at best in either category.

When I am at home I try my best to answer emails from my students. I am getting antsy and cannot wait to return to the office. I have tried to sneakily work my way back in but my director is looking out for my best interest and has told me to stay home until the return date established by my oncologist. I’m only a little more than a week away! Only a few short days until I can return to bantering with Krystal through my office wall and demanding that we have a window installed between our offices. Even though this time of the semester can be a bit crazy I certainly miss the face to face interaction with students. 

Otherwise I have focused my attention to my fundraiser which is fast approaching! I am so humbled by the number of people that have RSVP’d and expressed interest in contributing! I sat down with Donna, the president of the RI chapter of the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition and we hit it off. I am very interested in the work that this organization does and look forward to participating in their OC walk in September. She told me that at the walk they used to have a moment of silence for our departed OC fighters. They have since replaced the silence with a new tradition. Making as much noise as possible!!! OC is nicknamed “the silent killer” so I admire Donna and her team for wanting to take the silence out of the equation.

What struck me the most about my conversation with Donna was hearing her niece’s story. Her niece, Jessie, was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer at age 18 and lived vibrantly until the very end. Her story left me a bit more than misty eyed. I want to use this opportunity to fundraise for a cause that has significantly altered my life. Now it has a second purpose, to honor the life of a young woman that meant so much to this community. I wish I had the chance to meet her on earth but I know that she is with us, breathing life into what we are doing. 

If you are thinking of joining us the details of the fundraiser can be seen below! Wayland Square is a great little neighborhood. If you’re looking to make a night of it perhaps you can grab a drink or dinner at Farmstead or Redstripe then make your way over! 


There will be light refreshments served and free LIVE music courtesy of the ever talented ladies of The Sugar Honey Iced Tea. Music will begin after 7:30!



Again, if you cannot make it you may still make an order over the phone:

1.) Browse a beautiful selection of jewelry at: www.alexandani.com and make your selection 
(*Please note: the NOCC will NOT receive 15% proceeds on any discounted items or items from the Charity by Design collection)

2.) Call: 401-919-5467, the location of our fundraiser between 7-9pm EST and an Alex And Ani representative will take your order. Please tell the store representative that you are calling in support of 
The National Ovarian Cancer Coalition fundraiser! Your order will be mailed to you!

I am excited for this event! I cannot wait to see everyone there!