Because nothing is easy

Because nothing is easy, my “wimpy” little bacterial infection actually landed me in the hospital for eight days and seven nights. My last entry was a week ago and that day I was SURE that I was going to be discharged the next day but because it’s me, I had to complicate things a bit.

A few factors that delayed discharge:

Vancomycin  (vanco) gave a mild skin reaction. Due to that the doctors had to play around with the rate in which it was administered and the dosage. With this drug you also need to draw blood just prior to the next dose to see exactly how much vanco is in you. It can’t be too much to too little. Pretty much every blood draw I had except for the last missed the mark on either end. In short there was a lot of tweaking that had to go on before they could send me home with the drug.

-Daptomycin (Dapto) is a much better antibiotic that can be used as a second line treatment if vanco is not working or an allergy exists. Switching to this drug took a few days because your blood cultures need to be sent to a lab with a sample of Dapto and they watch it to see if the bacteria is sensitive to the drug. The results took 48 hours to yield but luckily it came back in my favor and we could make the switch. With Dapto, I was required to do one infusion in the hospital to monitor me for any reaction. We did that yesterday and after that I was cleared to go home. I didn’t even think it was real that I was going home (this is how jaded I have become in regard to my own health).

-My port appears to be the source of the infection which means that we had to be aggressive and consistent with antibiotic that would flow through the central line. The goal is to save the port. I will have blood cultures again in a week and if the sample from the port is still coming up positive for bacteria then the port may need to be removed and replaced. I am very much hoping this isn’t the case and honestly don’t think it will be.

Right now I feel okay but not as well as I felt last week before going to the hospital. A week of antibiotics, antihistamines, and other necessary medications can kind of knock you down a little. The antibiotics have torn up my stomach so I’m slowly getting my appetite back. I do have TPN at home that I have returned to so at least I’ll get the appropriate calories and nutrients while I build up my food by mouth. In short I’m just really fatigued.


That said, I’m grateful for the care I received at WIH. From the ER to 4East I was in the hands of people who know me, provide the best care, and care greatly about the work that they do. Despite how much longer I was inpatient than anticipated, we could find comfort through frustration that everyone was working as hard as they could to find a solution to the various challenges that arose.

Thank you as always to my parents and Cory who made many a long drive to be with me in Providence and help me keep my head on straight.

So I’m home now. Again, writing this from my back yard with the chirping birds and the abundant garden.  Thank goodness.

From here on out the plan is-

1.) Administer IV antibiotics through my port at home from now until June 30th

2.) Continue TPN until further notice

3.) Start chemo again June 30th after a check up with Dr. Robison. That day I will receive Taxol and Carboplatin in the infusion center in Providence as I would normally.

and most importantly…




7 thoughts on “Because nothing is easy

  1. Boy oh boy Jess, you sure have been through a rough time these past several weeks! I am really impressed by your fortitude in all the challenges you have had to face. You are a trooper and your awesome spirit shines through every time there is a ‘bump’ to get over. I am happy you are home again and able to enjoy your new place. Prayers that there are no more hospital trips for a long time to come. Best Wishes in Your New Home!

  2. I second Barbara’s comment that you stay home as long as possible! The journey is so very long and arduous and you continue to amaze we mortals with your ability to see this through. My continued prayers for all the best! Love and light dear one!

  3. Dear Jess…. You are a strong woman, and you’ve had to face so many challenges in these last weeks… I’m hoping you can STAY HOME and listen to those chirping birds!…. You are an inspiration to all who know you…Never forget how much your strength lends to others… You are giving SO Much of your amazing energy to those who receive it and try to climb to your level of courage, and power….Thank You Jess for your example to live up to….Now it’s your turn to carry on with your life and unravel these numerous hardships…. we all love you.

  4. Jess, your journey is very inspirational, though I continue to pray for remission! Know how much we all love you and keep hoping for better times. You must believe it, too! Heal, Jess! And enjoy the sounds of nature!❤️

  5. So grateful that Mason and Alex have you as a role model. We love you and are so happy that you are home with the chirping birdies!

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