Cinco de ‘laudid

It is nearly 3am and 4 East is quiet. My IV is slowly bringing me back to life as it compensates for the hydration I have lost over the past day and a half. My guts are finally at peace for now. The last push of Dialaudid has slowly helped them to settle and unclench.

No, this is not a flowery description of a recent memory. I’m in the hospital, AGAIN for the same issue- bowel obstruction. This means my small intestine is all kinked up and unhappy. To resolve, no food or drink by mouth (NPO), IV, and painkillers as needed to ease the pain and discomfort. Yet again we play the waiting game.

All I can say is that this is nothing short of frustrating having happened so recently. Especially because everything else has been going so well! I’ll admit when I saw my oncologist today I couldn’t hold back those tears of frustration. She gave me a reassuring hug and reminded me that I don’t need to feel strong and upbeat all the time. Sometimes our circumstances just plain suck. But just like the others, it is temporary and life will go on.

When I told Cory what was happening he didn’t even think twice. Hopped in his car from New Haven and drove straight here. As I write this he is curled up asleep next to me in a hospital room recliner that can’t possibly be comfortable. He’s been a trooper through beeping IV pumps and nurses and CNA’s in and out through the night to take vitals and administer meds. Boyfriend of the century award goes to Cory Tysoe for infinite patience, selflessness, support, humor, and good looks 😊

I’ll also look forward to seeing my parents tomorrow. I’ve been dealing with this particular obstruction since Wednesday afternoon so they have been wonderful coaches/cheerleaders over the phone.

Thanks to friends and family that have gone out of their way to lend support already. For what I lack in intestinal function, I make up for in incredible friendships.

That’s it for now, I’ll keep you posted as we make progress toward drinking/eating/returning home.


13 thoughts on “Cinco de ‘laudid

  1. I am praying for you to be surrounded by the highest, the finest and the most beautiful vibration of love and light ~ heal and know the full greatness that you are!

  2. I so want you to heal, but it is a process that requires time. You’ve had so much discomfort – i want you to feel free of pain (I know that’s what drugs are for) and to just realize who much we all love you, Jess!

  3. Sigh….I hate that you’re going through this! I will certainly continuously keep you in prayer. Side note, I don’t even know Cory but I know he’s a real man and I’d like to date a man with his character. He’s a true gent/class act. #Iloveit!

  4. Sorry to hear you are in the hospital again Jess. Wishing you a speedy return back to wellness and getting out of there! Keeping you in my prayers. Big Hugs To You!

  5. Well, it’s just a bummer that your Cinco had to suck. I think about you all the time Jess – and like so many folks – I hold you in my prayers, and in the light of healing and well-being. You are such a trooper – but you are right – it is MORE than OK to just fall apart when you need to – that’s part of healing, isn’t it? With lots and lots of loves and kisses and big, big hugs – Susanxoxox

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