Back in the Hospital

I’ll keep this update brief (mainly because my pain meds cause me to doze off mid sentence).

I have been admitted to Women and Infants Hospital after being diagnosed with a bowel obstruction. In short this means that my intestines are not passing its contents. In some cases there is a physical blockage and in other cases its just the intestines not doing their job right. This is not uncommon for someone that has had abdominal surgery (like me).

The game plan for now:
-Watch and wait. The problem generally just needs time to resolve itself.
-NPO- no food or drink. I’m hooked up to an IV to keep me hydrated
-Pain Management- they have been dosing me every 2-3 hours with Dilaudid (think morphine +)

So that’s it. I’m here at least another night and we will see how it all plays out.

Special thanks to Sarah for dropping everything to bring me to the ER and staying with me for roughly 10-11 hours. Thanks to my parents and my handsome boyfriend for making the trek from CT to be with me last night. Lastly, thanks for the kind texts, calls and fb comments! I truly have the best support system.

.. OK good I only managed to fall asleep while typing 4 times. It’s a record.

I’ll be updating as info unfolds.



11 thoughts on “Back in the Hospital

  1. Oh yuk! Poor you – I vividly remember how horrible that was for you. I had been hoping that no news was good news from you before Christmas and as you so rightly say, you ” seem” normal . Instagram is brilliant for that. I know you do have support but the only way you can use it is by being very specific about asking for help ( “I need help with my apartment this weekend” ). Etc. if I can get up to WIH I will, I can’t offer you much help in the next month as we are on the way to Costa Rica for February , leaving Saturday. The always use the “fighting cancer ” analogy and people who haven’t had it don’t realize the extent to which trying to beat it means SUBMITTING to the horrible treatments, so you end up being somewhat passive whether you like it or not. I think the helplessness is the hardest thing and I think you are very brave and honest. Try not to let the scourge of “positive thinking” by people around you divert you from that honesty, most of the time it is their way of shielding their own fear. But it can be so isolating for you. My heart is with you. Love Jen

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