Another semi-brief update as I do not trust what I type under the influence of Dilaudid. Seriously I actually sent this cryptic text last night with no idea what I was trying to say:


After 9pm I should be put on digital lock down. When I was talking to Cory I would have mini-moments of altered reality and start talking about absolute nonsense . EX: “and I JUST bought new silverware!” …um okay.

So I’m time limited for all of our benefit. Today improved! I am stretching out pain meds to every 6ish hours instead of every 2. The docs put a stethoscope to my belly and heard good bowel sounds in each quadrant.

I felt well enough to shower and walked up and down the halls of the 4th floor to keep my guts moving. I even popped into the social work office and caught up with my favorites. Showing up in a pink floral johnny, hospital socks, and an IV pole unannounced was a bit comical but they didn’t seem to mind.

I’ll be meeting with one of the SW’s tomorrow with the dietician to strategize for meal prep and services.

So the main event today was the coveted “toot”. One toot to rule them all. If you’ve ever had abdominal surgery or cancer you know what a major deal this. When your guts aren’t working, and you toot for the first time in the hospital, they treat you like you scored the game winning touch down in the Super Bowl.  Out of respect for my readers I try to refrain from talking about bowel habits but I cannot stress to you how important it is.

After my stroll around the 4th floor I heard my little stubborn guts gurgle and shortly thereafter, a tiny toot followed. I rang the nurse station with pride as I delivered the news of my great accomplishment.

This earned me a prize! I can now have small sips of clear liquids. I chose hot tea and it made my tummy flutter with joy. Let us not forget that I have not been allowed to eat or drink ANYTHING since I got here. My last meal and sip of water was on Saturday night. This was a welcome treat.

So tomorrow my fingers are crossed for some solid food. Depending on how the docs feel about my progress I could potentially be discharged late tomorrow or Thursday.

I want to take this opportunity to thank a lot of people. My parents first for always having my back and making my life easier by going to my apartment, cleaning, and doing laundry so I can come home to a nice space. Not to mention all the hours of driving and sitting by my side in a super cramped hospital room (even when I’m cranky). I also want to thank Cory for traveling 3 hours round trip each day to be by my side and putting up with my incoherent Dilaudid rambling.

Thanks to everyone else that has visited, brought thoughtful/hilarious gifts (sheila!), sent uplifting texts/ comments, and kept me in your positive thoughts. I am truly blessed to be a part of such a kind network and community of people. I leave you with love and gratitude.

Updates to come!


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