Shop & Support OC Awareness- SUCCESS!

I’ve been neglectful of my little blog since throwing together the Alex and Ani fundraiser to benefit the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition but I am here to report that it was a major success! Not without a few hiccups. The event was originally scheduled for Wed. Feb 5th but of course the mighty snow gods were not in cooperation with my plans. Work was cancelled that day but the Alex and Ani store was open so they gave me the option to still have it or postpone it.


For whatever reason it was a stressful decision but I wasn’t about to make anyone come out after a snowstorm. The roads were too dangerous and most people would be a bottle of wine deep and in jammies by 4 that day. As my parents could attest to, I called them crying wondering if I was making the right decision. This is an example of me sweating the small stuff. Immediately after I thought to myself “you had cancer, THIS ISN’T A BIG DEAL IDIOT.” Turns out it wasn’t a big deal. We pushed it back one day. I thought that the short notice would prevent me from having a good turnout. I was very wrong.


I would like to first say for the record that the staff at Alex and Ani Providence were rockstars. From the minute the event began at 7 to when they locked their doors at 9:30 the store was PACKED. The phones were ringing off the hook. I didn’t picture this great of a turnout on the original date let alone postponing it on short notice. Shout out to: Hilary, Jessica, Vanessa, Alexa, & Allison for their incredible service and professionalism. I don’t think they anticipated it being as crazy as it was. Regardless, I didn’t hear a single complaint about service.

With having to push the event back I was concerned because I had entertainment lined up. Providence’s own The Sugar Honey Iced Tea was scheduled to perform. Luckily Kate (see below, top- left) was a sweetheart and rounded up most of the members of the band to perform the next day. They played beautifully! I also must mention that they played a Destiny’s Child cover of “Survivor” and it made my life complete.



The whole evening really breezed by so quickly. There were so many familiar faces that I would start a conversation then turn around into another one. It was like seeing snapshots of my entire life. There were friends from childhood, college, grad school, colleagues from Bryant, hospital staff, friends from previous jobs, and other wonderful people that have come into my life in the most unexpected of ways.





…and of course Mama and Dad came to cheer me on!



Overall I would say that the event was a massive success. We will not know the final totals for another week or so but I am eagerly awaiting the final count! It was a pleasure to partner with NOCC RI and Alex and Ani.

**PHOTO CREDIT: The beautiful Beth Hart (and Adam Hart for editing some of them!)

THANK YOU to everyone that came out or called in orders from coast to coast! Every bit makes a difference. 


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