Twas the Night before Surgery…again.

So here we are friends. The evening before major abdominal surgery. Many of you have been asking how I am. Inquiring about my mental state leading up to yet another surgery. I have to say, overall, I’m  doing decently considering the circumstances. I’m mostly just cranky because I haven’t eaten in 26 hours for surgical prep. Only 11  more to go. Rawr. Surgery is at 12:30 wish me luck (although I might die of starvation before I even get to the operating table)

Anyway this is how I imagine things will basically go down tomorrow:

Cancer: voldemort

Me: Image

Cancer: voldemort

Me: Image

Cancer: Lord-Voldemort-Movie-Quotes

Me: Elf-You-Sit-on-a-Throne-of-Lies-262x170

Cancer: voldemort

Me: Brick-Tamland  i-killed-a-man-with-a-trident-e1321632143203



Thanks for the well wishes and I will see everyone on the other side of the operation 🙂


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