Here we go again

I am sorry to share this news via my blog as it is highly impersonal but I honestly don’t have the energy to retell this story. After many months of successful cancer treatment and a stable CA-125, a recent blood test and CT scan has revealed that I have had a recurrence.

There is a small mass near my liver that my oncologist and the tumor board are concerned about. This will require another major surgery (unfortunately it cannot be laparoscopic as she must physically move around my liver). It may also require additional treatment whether it be a different kind of chemotherapy or some sort of infusion or new drug. At this point I am meeting with my oncologist and another in Boston to gather information to formulate the most effective treatment plan. I do not yet have a timeline for what is happening when but I will be regularly updating my blog (, tell all your friends to hop along for the ride).  Per usual my work has been very loving and supportive.

My emotional and mental state at current is stable. I’ve gone through the whole cycle of disappointment, sadness, fear, and anger. Unlike last time I’m pretty stuck on anger. Luckily, as I learned once before I have a worldwide, giant, support system and have no doubts that there will be another overflow of positive energy.

I also think I should say for the record, because I got in trouble with more than one person for this, I will NOT take Big Daddy Taxi to any doctors appointments or treatment this time.

My chin is up and so are my fists.