Surgery is on the books

Thank you again to everyone for checking in on me over the past few days. Your kindness is appreciated 🙂

I’ll keep this one short and sweet.

I will be having surgery to remove the tumor this coming Monday, December 23rd first thing in the morning. My oncologist, Dr. Robison, will be performing the procedure at Women & Infant’s Hospital in Providence. I imagine that I will be in the hospital for a few days (I’m not entirely sure how long) but I plan to recover at my apartment in Providence upon discharge. Once I am coherent enough to string together full sentences, I will update the blog. My parents will be staying in the area for a few days following my surgery to help me out as needed.

For those of you lucky people that received incoherent, pain killer induced, phone calls from me last time…expect it again because I have zero memory of it and tend to believe that I do not have control over what I do with my phone on IV meds.

Enjoy your holiday season everyone! Don’t drink and drive, pretty please.





7 thoughts on “Surgery is on the books

  1. Jessica…speeding recovery!!! hugs and kisses and happy thoughts, well wishes, fairy dust!!!! we love you…
    Karen and Jimmy

  2. We haven’t met, but I’m your mom’s cousin Bob. I’ve been following your blog, and am impressed by the your grace and determination, not to mention your writing style, which is terrific. I wish for you a rapid recovery from your surgery, and look forward to reading your blog for years and years.

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