Making up for lost time

Here we are during the last week of summer. I went from having the worst year of my life to one of the best summers of my 25 years. Here is a recap almost entirely in photographs:

  • I visited my big brother Adam in California


  • I reunited with my Torrington girls in NYChome
  • My hair grew long enough to go wigless for the last half of the summer!


  • I went to Katie Brady Dalton’s lake house in Wisconsin for five days for a study abroad reunion with some of the Americans and Australians I lived with in Aus. during my time there. The Australians couldn’t get enough of the spectacle that is Walmart hence, our “People of Walmart” party seen below:


  • Two of my favorite couples from college got married one week apart


Which means that I had an awesome excuse to dress up and be surrounded by my tons of my  favorites two weekends in a row! (especially Major, my friend’s parent’s dog that happens to be the love of my life and the apple of my eye)

Carlson 2 major

Looking back on the summer I am just so grateful to be in good health and in good company!

My take home message is short and sweet:

There is life after cancer ❤