The sweetest words ever spoken to me…

I cannot believe this day has arrived, I honestly still do not believe it.

Today I had my CT scan. I was so nervous about what the results would mean that I cried immediately afterward. The technician had to console me. Luckily I had an appointment with my social worker immediately after.

So fast forward to later in the day…

I received a text from my chemo nurse asking me to meet her and her friends out at a bar in Providence. She said she had something for me. So naturally because she’s awesome I met her out. When I got there I asked what she had for me. She told me that she had my CT scan results. I figured they must be good if she’s telling me at a bar…

Then she said the sweetest words I could ever imagine hearing:

“Your CT scan results showed no evidence of disease”

I did it.

After all of the tears, the pain, the fear. I have found the light at the end of the chemo tunnel!

This story is not over by any means. The chronicles continue as I head into my next chapter- aftercare. It will still be difficult in its own way and there will still be lingering fear and anxiety but for now I am proud to say that I effing did it! I will keep you posted when I get the OFFICIAL word from my doctor next week of what is to come.

Thank you to everyone that ever reached out, supported me, and sent love in any way. It was that constant stream of optimism and kindness that has gotten me to where I am today.


Love and gratitude

(pictures from tonight’s celebrations to come!)


14 thoughts on “The sweetest words ever spoken to me…

  1. Jessica… so pleased with your results…prayers and thoughts still coming your way. Your positive attitude and love from all those around you will pull you through this ordeal.

    • Congratulations Jess!! Best news ever to wake up to–CELEBRATE!!! I can only imagine how your mom and dad snd Adam felt when they got the news- love to all of you .💚💜💗💙

  2. What absolutely wonderful news!! You are a true warrior and your foe is on his knees. Congratulations!  Thanks you for sharing your  struggle. It is truly inspirational. Love, Cousin Cindy

    • I have not met you Jesse but I know your mom. I was to happy to hear this wonderful news. Your story of how you persevered in the face of seeming insurmountable odds, emerged victorious, having fought the good fight ! I also would like to Thank You for sharing. This gives others hope and reminds them that nothing is impossible. Enjoy your life honey.

  3. Congratulation! Bask in the moment Jess and know that as you continue on your journey of recovery our prayers continue with you.

  4. Woo Hoooo!!!!!!! Onward into a wonderful life, after care and all. I pray you get stronger every day and you hair comes in quick!

  5. Jess-I am so happy for you, after all you have gone through with such a wonderful spirit this is so wonderful. You remain an inspiration to so many, my prayers will stay with you. Your Mom & Dad and Adam are in my thoughts as they celebrate this news. Fondly, Donna Marconi

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