CT Scan tomorrow…eep.

Tomorrow is my CT scan. Thinking happy, optimistic, glitter and unicorn filled thoughts. I am hoping that all is normal and that I will not have to have a dreaded 7th round of chemo. Today was supposed to be my “chemo graduation” but there are talks of a 7th round as an insurance policy due to the unexpected jump in my CA125 that I talked about last week. My wise mother reminded me that I have done the work and now it is up to tumor board to decide my fate. They meet on Tuesday and I will meet with my oncologist to find out the results a week from tomorrow. DEEP BREATH…

So tonight I’m leaning on the Serenity Prayer ¬†for some perspective:


Time to channel some positive energy people!

Love and gratitude always.

(p.s. Thank you Stacey Goldman for taking off of work to come with me to chemo and make sure that I had the BEST day no matter what. I love you girl)