“Geez, you get a LITTLE cancer and suddenly it’s allllll about you” -Andy

(^I had to share this little quote said over dinner last night with an old college friend because it made me laugh. Andy- we have bickered like siblings for the past six years and I am pleased to see that nothing has changed.)

Much like my last round of chemo, the past week had some ups and downs. Luckily said “downs” did not include any hospitalizations or deaths this time (I need to keep the Halmark company and pro-flowers humble every few weeks). I was feeling just fine through most of last weekend which was fortunate because I had a special visitor on Saturday night from NYC. We had a blast together. Saturday was gorgeous and we were able to enjoy a relaxing day of nails, park, and lots of culinary adventures. I was excited to actually have an appetite because I was able to eat this heavenly little piece of art:


My glorious weekend was short lived when, like clockwork, the “day 3” symptoms hit me like a Mack truck. I took Jaclyn to Amtrak early Sunday morning then slept all day. I never sleep into the afternoon but my body basically powered down for the day. I know that I have said this before but it pretty much feels like having the worst hangover without any of the fun of drinking the night before (not fair). BUT- my friend Wilson reminded me of this the other day: “it’s good to know that all you’ve been through isn’t in vain”. Truth.

On Monday I showed up for work a hot mess. Chemo day 4 was even worse than day 3. I was sweating, unfocused, nauseated, achey, and probably generally unpleasant to be around. My poor students- I don’t even think that I could form english words half the time. I only made it an hour and a half into the day before I was sent home to recuperate (for once I didn’t fight it). The whole drive home I was disappointed in myself for not even making it through the morning. I finally stopped and had to give myself an attitude adjustment (a mental bitch slap, if you will). I reminded myself that I have CANCER (I’m actually sure that I said “RELAX! You have cancer you idiot!” aloud, in my car, to myself…). I can’t be so hard on myself. I guess the Santoro’s Cleaners work ethic has never left me. You go home when you’re dead- (Lisa/Stack/Jamie/Sam…you know what I’m talking about). Long story short (too late) I went home and slept for many, many, many hours. Tuesday I went back to work with energy. Good to go!

Last night I started personal training with my new trainer Matt at Boston Sports Clubs. We had a great session and I was able to do more with my bum leg than I expected! Matt is incredibly knowledgeable and encouraging. I’m psyched to do this. I’m getting closer and closer to “normalcy”. I don’t think I’ll ever feel totally normal though- let’s just call it schnormalcy.

After PT I had the distinct pleasure of having a RWU reunion with two old friends, Andy and Adam. I’m pretty sure I wanted to choke out both of these gentlemen on a daily basis during our time working for admissions in college. They are like the brothers that I never asked for but got stuck with. Despite that through the years they have oddly remained very close to my heart. Adam was actually my first advisee ever when I did my first advising internship in 2009. In many respects, he served as a catalyst for my career. When he first came to me truth be told (and he knows this) he was a know-it-all, little schmuck. Four years later I am so proud of all that he has accomplished and how much he has grown. Being able to see this growth is a reminder why I love this field so much. Overall it was a nice visit and I left with my heart feeling very full. I need to kick cancer simply so I can continue to see these advisee before and after’s year after year!

Anyway- Sorry that this post is all over the place. I’m choosing to blame it on “chemo-brain”.

Chemo went well today and I’ve even had a little energy to clean up my apartment and grocery shop: Jess-1, Chemo-0. Only one more round to go! Keep praying for “21” and I should finish chemo by April 26th!!!

Thank you for everyone’s continued thoughts, prayers, and well wishes! I am the luckiest girl to be surrounded  such genuinely good people.

Have a great weekend supporters!


3 thoughts on ““Geez, you get a LITTLE cancer and suddenly it’s allllll about you” -Andy

  1. Oh …so many things to be thankful here for! You are one amazing little lady. I continue to be awed by your strength and courage!

  2. So our time at Santoro’s may not have taught us healthy life habits…
    but it did bring us some amazing friends! Also, I don’t have cancer and I don’t get half the things done that you do. You are amazing.
    Thinking of you and visualizing “21” all the time. |

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