A few new scars and a discharge

It’s been a hell of a few days. Things started looking up until noonish on Thursday when the nausea kicked in, again in full force. They had to move my IV and no one could find a good vein- after a week in the hospital my veins were tapped out. If you had looked close enough with a microscope I’m sure you would have seen my veins carrying signs that read “on strike!” It took over 2 hours, 3 nurses, and 1 anesthesiologist to finally get an IV into my arm. During that time I couldn’t keep any nausea or pain medication down nor could they give me anything through they IV because, again, they couldn’t get it in my arm. I honestly don’t think that I’ve ever felt so helpless in my life. I know this sounds dramatic but getting stabbed with a needle 12 times between vomiting with zero relief really doesn’t make for a situation that you feel in control of whatsoever. Finally they got the IV in and were able to give me some nausea meds and start my pre-chemo drugs. After a mighty struggle we were able to start chemo as planned.

In the wake of the Vein Massacre of 2013 I finally caved and agreed to a second port. Yesterday I went under the knife again and they installed a central line under my clavicle. This port will allow them to give me IV fluids, administer chemo, and draw blood. No more needle pricks! I’m praying that I don’t have to experience another extended stay in the hospital, but if I do- I’m prepared now. What I was less prepared for is the reason that I was hospitalized in the first place- the obstruction. After speaking with my oncologist she explained that I may be more at risk for these obstructions because of the way my abdomen healed after surgery. She said the scar tissue in my case formed a shelf that is essentially holding up my intestines. They are squished into 1/6 of the space that they should be simply because my body healed that way. She said she had never seen anything like this before. They won’t take action until I’m done with chemo because that is priority but I may need surgery in the future. I’m tired of being a medical anomaly- it never works in my favor.

Enough bad news- one fun surprise that came of this week was a visit from the one and only Adam Sultaire! He heard how horrible Thursday was and without a second thought he left work, hopped on a plane, came straight to the hospital and stayed with me all night. Best brother ever. I also cannot even begin to thank my parents enough for being away from home for the last 10 days to be with me in the hospital every day. My family is such a blessing.

Time to pack up and go home- I’m getting discharged 🙂

Love and gratitude,