Chemo Round 4: 2 treatments down, 1 to go

I have so far survived that past two days of chemo without nausea or vomiting (knock on wood). I have had IV nausea meds that will stay in my system for three days and they have allowed me to take a lovely little drug called Phenergan which worked really well to curb my nausea when I was in the hospital. Yesterday I pretty much slept all day through treatment and again when I got home but because of the steroids I was up all night. Luckily the steroids really make you feel invigorated (a nicer way of saying they turn you into an insomniac). As a result my room is now clean and organized. Chemo silver linings?

Yesterday I shared a room with a woman with breast cancer. The Benedryl knocked us both out for it generally made for a quiet chemo experience. The funniest part of the day was when it was time to leave. I didn’t have a ride home so the nurse was kind enough to call me a cab. For those of you familiar with Providence cabs you will chuckle to know that she called Big Daddy Taxi. Yup, the one that takes you to the Cadillac Lounge and to the Foxy Lady (Free admission to both if you use Big Daddy!). You better believe that the cab had a pegasus spray painted on the side of it when it rolled up to the infusion center. For a shady cab company, I must say that they are always prompt and friendly! Gotta love strip club owned cabs. I made it home safe for 7 bucks. I’ll take it.

Today was much more comfortable.  My friend Jen was kind enough to stay with me today (owner of the Bee Hive Cafe in Bristol. Eat there, it’s life changing). She was also kind enough to pick up Olga’s for lunch. It was most definitely a huge incentive to eat despite not having a big appetite these days. YUM.

photo-25 My chemo nurse was moving this week so I had a lovely nurse named Rosa. It worked out great because she was Jen’s chemo nurse during her battle with breast cancer. Rosa was very sweet and thrilled to see Jen. We even scored a great infusion room. I had a room to myself that not only had a window but a bed too!!! The chemo recliners are horrendous. Not to sound ungrateful but when you have to sit in one place for 6 hours to get poison pumped into you, you at least want to be comfortable. The bed was a pleasant surprise.

This weekend I’ll be focusing on no nausea, continued strength, and CA125 levels dropping. Remember 21 is the magic number. Pray for 21. As my friend Katie reminded me last night: “We’re not 21 but the sooner we are, the sooner the fun will begin” -Brand New. I thought at age 25 that I outgrew those lyrics but in this case- still relevant! Throwback Brand New for the win.

I’m back home now and looking forward to a low key, lazy weekend so that I can come back to work Monday full force.

Love & Gratitude ❤