When I speak to others about my experience I can’t help but always discuss the silver linings. As I have discussed at length in this forum, one of these silver linings was finding the perfect medical team. 

I was fully prepared to take an Ativan every time I walked in the door at Women & Infants Hospital. As it turns out, these people have become like family to me and some are legitimately close friends. My chemo nurse Sheila and I hang out at least once a week. It is clear to me that the right people come into your life at the appropriate time.

Last night I got dressed up to go to Feb Fest, a casino night to benefit “The Izzy Foundation”. This non-profit was started to help my oncologist and her husband fund medical expenses for their daughter who was diagnosed with Stage 4 rhabdomyosarcoma two weeks after her first birthday. Izzy passed on two years following her diagnosis. From the stories I was told she was happy, vibrant, loving, and generous.


She “Izspired” people all around the world. Now, in her memory, The Izzy Foundation lives on to help families and children with debilitating diseases. 

Last night’s event brought in a great crowd! Not only did we get to contribute to an amazing cause, but I also got to spend quality time with my medical team. I mean, how often does a patient get to do wine tasting and play blackjack alongside her doctors and nurses? 


Here are some highlights:

1.) Our fabulous black jack dealer! It as no secret that we were inexperienced so he would offer tips like: “are you SURE you want to hit?” or “MAYBE you should double your bet”. 


2.) Sheila & Sarah just killing it at the black jack table


3.) Dr. Robison and her husband announcing the raffle winners. Unfortunately I did NOT win the tropical timeshare I was hoping for. Oh well. My money still went to kids with illness so that is a win regardless.


4.) This is one of the most remarkable women I have ever met. We have been through a lot together in the past year and I am standing here today because of her brilliance. My beautiful oncologist, Dr. Robison!



5.) Of course, the trifecta: Chemo nurse, Gyn. Oncologist, & Patient. They crush cancer for a living and I crush cancer to live 🙂


What a great start to a big week!

To come:

Today: Superbowl/eating until I feel sick

Monday- I am back to work full time! 

Wednesday- My fundraiser for the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition!


Updates to follow 🙂