Give me some credit where credit is due. Technically I made it through the holiday without a total disaster. I was; however, admitted to the hospital the day AFTER Thanksgiving.

Not totally surprising, a CT scan revealed that the pain in my abdomen is attributed to yet another bowel obstruction. They don’t see a mass around the area that is obstructed so they aren’t totally sure as to why the intestine is kinked up. 

As I mentioned briefly in the last post, I have had some abdominal pain since Monday so I put myself on “bowel rest” and only took in clear liquids like juice and broth. On Thanksgiving I did go back to solids in very small portions but I suspect it was a bit too soon. The pain increased that evening and the following morning I had a few episodes of vomitting. We knew at that point that it was time for the hospital. My incredible parents packed up and drove the 2+ hours to Women and Infants so I could be at a hospital where they know me (and my super complicated body).

I’ve been here since Friday and cannot take in food or drink by mouth. I have an IV keeping me hydrated. They want to place an NG tube but because it has been difficult to place in the past we need to wait until we can do it at Rhode Island Hospital with imaging.

All I can say for now is that they’re keeping my nausea under control with round the clock Phenergan and treating the pain as needed through the IV. The meds make me pretty sleepy so aside from reading a lot and a little TV I’m sleeping quite a bit. That said, I just ask that any visitors call or text before they come. I’d hate to be a sleepy during a visit! All things considered, I’m not in bad spirits at the moment.

That’s all I have for now. I’ll keep you posted when more information comes to light.

Thanks to everyone that has called or dropped a line to check in 💜

(P.s. props to Sarah Breen for making a florist have to write “bowels suck” on a card)