Six Days Strong

Almost a week has passed since I was released from the hospital for the most recent bacterial infection. I can’t believe I even need to qualify that with “most recent” as if it is totally normal to go into septic shock then a few weeks later acquire two other infections. I don’t know if I should be terrified that this has happened on top of the other ailments or super impressed that despite it all I’m back home doing relatively well. In any case, I digress…

The point is, I’m home and all things considered I’ve had a pretty decent week. I was fortunate to not have to go home on continued antibiotics this time. I actually had a chance to slowly start to feel human at home without added intensive medications.

On Thursday it was back to chemotherapy. Prior to chemo I had a check up with Dr. Robison and it held some promise!

I had expressed that I was very ready to be finished with TPN. Due to the fats/lipids/dextrose in TPN, it isn’t hard to unknowingly create a little petrie dish in your port/PICC that bacteria thrives on. It just worries me to continue putting myself at risk for infection if we continue. I understand that TPN was necessary, especially given the issues I had with intestinal obstruction, but I’m at a point where my guts are improving and I’m ready to try to nourish myself the good old fashioned way…



I was expecting my request to be met with some resistance since:

1.) I have easily lost 10 lbs since all of this nonsense began in May (at a point where I was already under weight)

2.) TPN provides nutrients that I cannot fully get by mouth while I work on slowly increasing calorie intake

Dr. Robison was in agreement that if I felt ready, tapering off of TPN would be our next move. That said, TPN has been reduced by 50% this week which means that I only need to infuse TPN every other day.


I’m certainly not able to house over 1000 calories at this point (or anywhere close to that) but a small victory is that I have had a few small meals each day and without nausea or vomiting. This is a massive deal. In fact, I haven’t even needed to take nausea medication since Thursday when I had chemo. WIN.

Assuming the remainder of the week is equally successful, no TPN would mean no further need for the PICC line. That could potentially come out in the next week or two. That also means that a new port would be placed in my chest in the next 2-3 weeks.

Again, all of this is dependent on continued progress of eating by mouth and keeping it down. Let’s hope this vessel is up for the challenge.

On a final and unrelated note, many have asked me how I’m settling into my new home. It has been great! That is, when I’m actually home and not living at the hospital…

It’s a comfortable, cozy place to melt into when I’m feeling my worst and a cute beach community when I’m feeling human enough to venture out. One of those rare “feeling human” nights happened last night so we decided to capitalize on it with a beach picnic just minutes from our house.


Cheers to many more beach picnics, feeling like summer is actually happening, and for the love of all that is holy- STAYING OUT OF THE HOSPITAL.



10 thoughts on “Six Days Strong

  1. Oh Jess – I just love ya to bits. Wish I were more like you – in awe of your ability to persevere in the face of such overwhelming odds – you are some kind of goddess – may all the gods and goddesses (especially them) hold you and keep you in health. Keep kicking ass girlfriend!

  2. Jesse, so happy to hear that you are now back in your “home sweet home” again, & nice to hear that you are actually being able to eat some small meals without the nausea…that is really great news…..keep up the good work!!!
    And I think more of the “Beach Picnics” sounds like “good medicine” for you…..I will keep the Prayers coming to you, and hopeing you continue to get better & better each day!!!

  3. Cheering you on for more beach days ~ celebrate all the victories I say regardless of how big or small. Sending you healing wishes for the highest, the finest and continued good vibrations of love and light !! nothing else will do 🙂 xoxoxoxoxo

  4. That sounds like you are headed in the right direction…..BEACH!!! And physically speaking also! May your deity bless you and help you down the sandy path to recovery. Stay brave, little girl !!!

  5. LOVE your photos! You are one, strong woman!
    Nothing like time at the beach to bring you happiness. And it’s right in your back yard! Enjoy every minute of it….

  6. Well it is sure nice to hear that your heading back in the right direction. You have been through so much and deserve a big break. I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Love you other brother

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