Chin Up, Spirits High

The “busy season” in advising is both exciting and draining leaving me pretty pooped by the end of the week. Today at chemo I will typically fall asleep through most of it once the Benadryl hits my veins. This time I totally passed out BEFORE the pharmacy even approved my blood work. Legitimately I arrived, got situated, Rosa accessed my port and hooked me up to saline while we waited for the green light from pharmacy to let us proceed with pre-drugs/chemo and I was totally out.

It’s just as well since the cable at he hospital has switched up their programming from Law and Order SVU to Law and Order Criminal Intent on not one, but TWO channels. I might need to write an angry letter. Scratch that, write a kind letter and play the cancer card. If there is a time to use the c-card, this is it!

It’s okay detective Tutuola, I’ll forgive.

Anyway, the infusion went fine and I just slept and slept. I actually slept so much I forgot to ask Rosa what my new CA-125 results were!

When I got home I crawled into bed and texted the ever reliable Sheila: “I was such a sleepy head today I didn’t even ask Rosa about my blood work. What’s the verdict dude?” I dropped my phone onto the bed next to me, buried my head in pillows and blankets and proceeded to pass out for another hour.

I awoke to about 14 missed texts, mainly from an excitable Sheila Enderby.

It turns out that my CA-125 has DECREASED from 742 to 455!!!

I haven’t had a CA-125 this low in well over a year and half or more. In fact I never had a CA-125 below 995 through the duration of the MEK inhibitor clinical trial at Mass General.

Here is a nice little recap, thank you Roger Williams for the 8 am required “Intro to Excel” course that made this half-assed graph possible:


I have had so many days where I have had doubts and concerns. Perhaps in the future I will pursue a revolutionary new treatment that could obliterate the existing cancer but for now I am so pleased to see some REAL progress. Numbers that may reflect moving in a more positive direction.

I am so grateful to start off this next cycle with a bang. If you work at Women and Infants hospital and reading this- be forewarned that you’re going to be getting mega hugs (Heather- I already told Sheila that you get TWO, just ’cause).

Also- this is kind of an after thought but for my friends undergoing Taxol treatment PLEASE listen to your nutritionist and take L-Glutamine 3x per day. I started to feel some neuropathy come on (loss of feeling in hands/feet/fingers/toes) and since starting Glutamine I can already feel the impact! If this is a healthy choice for your body and approved by your doctor/nutritionist please go for it.

Anyway, that is all I have got for today.

Have a great weekend everyone!


16 thoughts on “Chin Up, Spirits High

  1. WOW. Great news reading your post- I could just feel your excitement. I am very happy for some positive signs and news. Sometimes in life we have to accept the things we don’t understand learn and grow from them. This has personally taken me six years. It is very difficult to understand why these things happen to us. At some point in our lives we begin to understand it all. I sure hope what I am writing makes some sence to those who read it. We will all face some challenge or challenges in our lives at some point in time. Here are some words of wisdom – learn and grow from it. People, places and things will happen in your life if you are open to them, let them in and be open. I did. Jessie I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Your other big brother Tim

  2. Well I am so very happy for your wonderful news and the update on how it’s going and how you’re managing! You give such great hope to those who need you support while they are having similar experiences and wondering if there is hope. THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE !!! WTG stay the course! you’re amazing! xo

  3. Jess, this is great news!!! So excited! You are always in our thoughts. Love the post. You are such an inspiration.
    Many hugs and much love,
    Peggy and Mark

  4. Great news Jess! Noone deserves it more…Give yourself kudos for all that you’ve endured and for embracing every opportunity to celebrate!
    Continued prayers and so much love being sent your way!💗🙏Mary

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