Cycle #1- Donezo

Oh hey there friends!

As of this past Friday I have completed my first full cycle of the new treatment. Each full cycle is three weeks of treatment:

Week #1: Avastin & Taxol (3-4 hour infusion)

Week #2: Taxol Only (2 hour infusion)

Week #3: Taxol Only (2 hour infusion)


To date I’ve been really pleased with this treatment. It is an option that has allowed me to return to being myself. The side effects are minimal so far. Fatigue is par for the course but generally I am more energized than I have been in a very long time. I now have an insatiable appetite and will inhale almost anything in my path. I’ll be back to my normal weight in no time! It means so much to me to want and enjoy food again.

I met with the lovely Dr. Robison before chemo on Friday for a check-up. She was pleased to hear the feedback I had so far about this treatment plan. She also listened to my lungs to see how the fluid situation was going. They sound great! She said that at the tail end of a breath she could hear a tiny bit of fluid on the left side but generally it is minimal. I can take full deep breaths, I’m not getting winded, and the Taxol is helping to dry up whatever has accumulated since my last lung tap. She told me that if the Taxol wasn’t doing it’s job in that regard, at the rate that the fluid returned last time I would have needed another lung tap by now.

Good news all around.

After chemo on Friday I headed onto the Cape for the weekend. Cory and I have been pretty overscheduled so we were looking forward to some time by ourselves away from our homes. We had a really nice two nights that included lots of seafood, candlestick bowling, late night ice cream, pool time, and a gorgeous 16 mile bike ride.

bikeridecape bikeride2

On Sunday we met my parents at their house in Mashpee for an afternoon of Mother’s day celebrations! We had a very nice lunch, stopped by the beach in Wood’s Hole, then Skyped with my brother. The only thing that would have made the day perfect would be if Adam was there to harass Mom in person (although he did a pretty good job over Skype)



I must say that my parent’s deserve a whole separate holiday in addition to their respective mother’s/father’s days for the hand they were dealt with this disease. I don’t know where I would be without their love, guidance, and empathy. It was great to see them so happy this weekend 🙂

Check out these good looking people!


All around this was an excellent weekend and just what I needed. I am truly feeling like I am regaining my “sparkle”. Hoping for many more smiles over the next few legs of this treatment from all parties involved.

Have a great week ladies and gents 🙂


11 thoughts on “Cycle #1- Donezo

    • Oh my dear girl I – it has made my day to read this blog. I could not be more delighted or more pleased for you! Can’t wait to see you at the D & B so we can gorge ourselves on gorgeous and delectable offerings – and have a nice, long catch up! And thanks again for coming to my party Jess – I was so surprised by it all and deeply moved. Having you there made it extra special. You are the best – when I think of my career, and the good I have done in the world, you immediately come to mind. It was such a pleasure to work with you – and a continuing pleasure to see how your obviously brilliant career is unfolding. Can’t wait to see you!! Hugs, Susan xo

  1. Jessy,
    I am so happy to hear it is all going so well. I pray for you and your family everyday.
    You are an amazing young woman and stronger than most. ..16miles…OY!
    I loved all the pics especially the one of Mom and Dad.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Eating M&M’s lately?
    Debbie Root

  2. Keep up the great work! It is so wonderful to hear that you have made progress and are able to enjoy life, love with family and friends! Charge on .. xo

  3. Love, love, love the picture of you and Mom…..two beautiful ladies. So happy you’re feeling better!

  4. Happy to hear that you had a good weekend and sorry that we missed you. Next time…..hoping you continue feeling more like yourself. Take care. Incidentally, we enjoyed having dinner with your folks Saturday night.

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