Ask and you shall receive

Hi Friends! I hope all of my New Englanders didn’t get too buried in the snow. I was fortunate to have both yesterday and today off due to the Blizzard. Thanks Juno! The blizzard also brought about a couple acts of kindness:

1.) Sheila and Andy live down the street from me and knew digging out my car would be a hardship so they just came over and dug it out/cleaned it off, no questions asked. THANK-YOUUUUU!


2.) When my neighbors got locked out because our front door froze shut everyone came together to “rescue” them. Luckily another neighbor with much more size and weight than my frail self came and body checked the door. That prompted us to all talk more than just a “hi” in passing. My downstairs neighbors later invited me over for dinner 🙂

So that is Juno in a nutshell. I really hope everyone stayed safe.

I want to follow up on a piece I wrote recently ( It was super difficult to write because asking for help when you’re trying your best to be normal is incredibly hard. The response to that entry was unreal. I had numerous offers for people to hire housekeepers, send me food, sign me up for food services, take me out to dinner, etc. It is so heartwarming and I am grateful for all of these offers. Here is an update on what I need and what has been decided:

1.) Cleaning: I looked into a service for cancer patients but unfortunately they are not taking any more patients in my area. My parents have graciously stepped up (as they always do) as my resident housekeepers. Every now and again if they are in the area or traveling to the Cape that have made themselves available to help me with some household tasks. Thanks Mama and Dad! This also cuts down my anxiety of having a stranger in my apartment when I’m not home.

2.) Healthy Meals/Groceries: So many awesome offers! A lot of them came in the first week of posting. To keep everything organized and ensure that I have some consistent help I set up a CaringBridge page. This has a planner where I can post what I need and when, then you can log on, accept the task and we can make arrangements from here. I asked for one meal donation per week (just a dinner for one or something I can take to work for lunch). I have also included all of my crazy, stupid, dietary restrictions.

In addition to this I have my amazing cousin, Sara Kaplan, on the case. She has done a lot of research on my dietary needs (going as far as making a pinterest board just for recipes for me haha) and will be sending some individually portioned meals that I can just thaw and throw in the microwave or oven. Knowing Sara, this will go a long way! (I see a future business blooming Sara, just sayin’). I also have a lot of soup. Stack Bundlezzz Goldman made me some incredible veggie soup before I went into the hospital and her “twinnie” Alita Perez Garvey (all the way from Thailand) has arranged for a local Whole Foods Soup delivery.

Finally, my downstairs neighbor is a Johnson and Wales culinary student and I have hired her to prepare one healthy meal per week as well. So between that, everything listed above,  the CaringBridge meal donations, and weekends with the ever dapper Cory Tysoe, I’ll be all set.

So from my family, to my boyfriend, to my friends, to my entire bear family, to my personal trainer to EVERYONE else in between that is making an effort to help me be well, THANK YOU! If you were not mentioned by name, you are certainly not forgotten.

If you are interested in helping please go to:


Here is a screen shot for an example. If you would like to bring me a meal on one of the days that I have designated, or travel with me to MGH, etc. simply hover your mouse over the task then click “accept task” and you can type in your information. Now I know who is doing what, when, and it leaves out the guess work for everyone 🙂

There is a donation thing on there called tributes but honestly I don’t know if it just goes to the website or me so to err on the side of caution I would just avoid it because I don’t know where that money is going. Honestly, I think it just goes to the website as a whole.

Thank you again for all of you love and support through these challenging times. I wish you all happiness and good health!


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