This will be short and sweet. After 5 days at Women and Infants Hospital I am finally feeling well enough to go home.

I plan to go back to work on Monday but I have another appointment on Tuesday at MGH to restart chemo. So much for my chemocation.

I am looking forward to getting cozy in my bed and falling asleep to the gentle sounds of police sirens and pedestrians yelling. It will be a welcome change from getting woken up from beeping IV’s, 1am vitals, and 5am blood work.

Sick right?

My abdomen is still tight and sore but I am no longer in pain to the extent that I was on sunday. I plan to keep my diet light, bland, and mostly liquid for the time being.

Thanks again for the support through yet another hospitalization.

Love & gratitude


6 thoughts on “Discharged

  1. Good to hear your getting out of there! Hooray! There’s no better place than home to heal best. Take it real slow with the food. Eat only soft foods for awhile and give your ‘tummy’ time to heal : > )

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