27th Birthday Musings

On the surface birthdays are kind of weird, right?

You rally your friends and family to celebrate you simply just being born (with little to no props to mama for housing you rent free for the better part of a year). You get presents and you eat cake. At its core birthdays are kind of strange and self indulgent. In a society that shapes us to think of others before ones self (ehh America might be iffy on that one), that shit totally flies out the window when your birthday happens. You use it to justify uneccesary actions like: “I totally shouldn’t eat this danish for breakfast BUT ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!! WOOO!” All in all it’s funny. On your birthday you eat too much, drink too much, and stuff your face with purple cake (spoiler alert: Sarah made me an all purple cake).

At the ripe age of 27 my perspective on birthdays has evolved a bit. There were a few moments of doubt earlier on where despite my positive public outlook, I didn’t know if I would live to see another birthday.Now they seem a little different.

Birthdays aren’t just about you (sorry toddlers of the world), they’re about the community you’ve formed in your years on earth. Its a celebration of who you have become as a result of your loved one’s support and influence despite personal obstacles.

As I looked around the room at my birthday party I thought about where I was in my life when I met each person, how much joy they bring me, and most importantly how they have challenged me to be better. I thought about my friends and family that couldn’t make it in all corners of the world and how lucky I am to call them my loved ones.

I chose to have a super silly pajama jammy jam (yup you read that right) as my birthday celebration.










It wasn’t fancy or expensive. It was cozy, ridiculous, fun and perfect (although it we were missing a few awesome people that were there in spirit!). The best part was that people supported me in this madness and dove into the theme with enthusiasm. But “not for nothin'” who doesn’t enjoy wearing jammies, playing games, drinking mimosas, and eating breakfast food? If you don’t, you’re a monster.

Overall I am blessed to still be on this earth and so grateful to celebrate this birthday (and every other day!)  with those that bring substance and meaning to my life. Whether you were at my party, sending love from afar or even in Belgium (whattup Trudie!) Please know that you have made a significant difference in the last 27 years.


A huge shout out to my Mom and Dad for spending my actual birthday with me on the cape over some mediocre Greek food and a fabulous martini. We ended the night with a rousing game of Scrabble where a birthday miracle took place. I got a bingo. Google it. (Nerd alert.). It was the perfect way to round off an already great weekend. Thanks for putting up with me for the last 27 years Mom and Dad!

Finally props to my “party planning committee”, Sarah and Jacque as well as my handsome boo Cory for helping me set up, cook and clean. You guys are awesome.



7 thoughts on “27th Birthday Musings

  1. Jess, glad to read of your “twenty-seventh” birthday and to see the pics of your loving celebration. Rock on in your new birthday year!

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