W&I Social Work for the win

Consistently, Women and Infant’s hospital in Providence, RI always knows what I need before I need it. I have been a bit disconnected from the hospital lately being that I only need to go in once every 3 months. I think that I have transitioned well into survivorship but there are definitely times where I feel that I still find an identity in cancer. No one makes me feel like that other than myself. It can be part of me but it cannot be my identity.

On October 8th I am going to try out a new group at W&I called Transition into Survivorship. It is an educational/support group for people transitioning from active to post treatment. It is run by my social worker Allison so I am looking forward to what her and her colleague have planned. I hope to report only good news about my experience.

(p.s. this is my 50TH blog post!!!!)


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