Ovarian Cancer Awareness

2013 statistics about ovarian cancer

Ovarian Cancer research is sadly underfunded despite being the number one cause of gynecological cancer deaths. In the future I hope to see the day when research can bring about modes of early detection. There is a serious need for better ways to screen for this disease as reliable preventative measures are lacking. Think of the fatalities that could be avoided if OC was caught in stage 1 versus the more common stage 3 or 4.

This month is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. I am proud to say that some of my friends have joined the TEAL walk/run tomorrow in NYC to raise money for Ovarian Cancer research. Please visit their page and if you are able to, please make a small donation. If you are unable to donate, no worries! Support this team by leaving a comment on my blog post to cheer these ladies on!  Thank you again Jac, Lisa, Ali and everyone else involved!



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