29 and feelin’ fine

My weekend kicked off with a visit to m’lady Dr. Robison for a check up. I told her about the sporadic pain that I had been having in my lower abdomen/pelvis. She noted that the area felt dense but nothing felt or looked abnormal when she did an internal exam. To err on the side of caution she ordred a CT scan of my chest, abdomen and pelvis. She tended to believe that it could just be the adhesions from surgery breaking apart as I become more active. I feel that she would have acted far more concerned if she thought it was something serious.

Bits of good news from that appointment:

-Dr. Robison is happy with my progress and moved our check ups to every two months instead of every month.

-Progress was reflected in my blood work as my CA125 is now 29. At the end of chemo prior to starting Letrozole it was in the high 40’s. Typically a CA125 level under 21 is considered to be most favorable. I am thrilled with 29 at this point. It’s cliché to say but “a watched pot never boils”. When I was fixated my CA125 a couple months ago it was creeping upward. Ever since my blood tests have become more spaced out and my last CT scan was clean I have given it very little thought. While I put it out of my mind the CA125 came down. Go figure.

The rest of the weekend was a blast. There was only one slight hiccup…

On Saturday night before we went out I met up with some friends for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. We were having a nice leisurely meal. We ordered cocktails and calamari while we waited for our salads to arrive. I’m sitting in the booth listening to John’s sister tell a story. While she’s story telling I start to feel a wee bit queasy so I drank some water. All of the sudden my hearing becomes muffled and my eyesight is spotty. I faintly hear Brian say: “Hey Jess. You okay?” I recall saying  then….BLACK. I pass out. When I come to John is holding my head up because I must have slumped forward. I’m surrounded by concerned friends, staff, and customers. The EMT’s arrived incredibly quick because I wasn’t passed out for long before they arrived. John walked me to the ambulance outside so the EMT’s could take my vitals as fellow diners looked on. Leave it to me to pass out in a packed chain restaurant in the center of town on a Saturday night.

Anyway, the EMT’s took my vitals and gave me the option of going to the hospital considering my medical history. I declined their offer and went home instead. After that I felt completely fine. In fact, I still went out dancing that night like a trooper (when I rally, I rally). I was well fed, hydrated, and temperature neutral so I have no idea why I fainted out of the blue. The only conclusion that I can draw is that I’m part Polish, part Russian, part fainting goat.

All in all I am fine. I spoke with my nurse and doctor since the “incident” and neither sounded overly concerned. They will note it and told me to tell them if it happens again. I’m not too worried. The silver lining of this stunt was that when Brian went into the restaurant to settle our bill and take our food to go the manager felt so bad that he/she comped our entire bill! The boys told me that fainting for food might need to be my new trick.

To end on a fabulous note I will be visiting my brother in California in T-minus one day. He is one of the most important people in my life and I cannot wait to finally hang out with him on the left coast under non-medical circumstances. FINALLY.

This is pretty much what you can expect from the remainder of my week with Adam:


The blog will get a full report next week. Until then, Happy (almost) 4th!


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